Final Fantasy 14 models?

Has anyone been able to rip things from this game? If so, Please let me know. I’m wanting only a few models in particular. Mainly some of the mounts and pets.

Only exports obj. You can open up the skeleton and animations in the havok content tools, but the issue is you can’t export them. Highflex made an hkx to fbx converter thingy, but it might need havok content tools 2014, which I do not have.

PERFECT! Does it work with textures too?

It exports textures as well.

I found EVERYTHING I need. Thank you VERY much.

Did you find the havok content tools 2014? I’ve been looking around for them.

No? I haven’t been looking for them.

A bit late (Sorry for bumping this) , but for anyone who was interested in extracting the skeletons can get the havok content tools 2014 here (kudos to Snaz)

Once you have them downloaded, install HavokContentTools_2014-1-0_20140830_32Bit_PcXs.exe

From there, you’ll get the Havok Preview tool. Simply launch that, and open your extracted skeleton.

save it as a HKT (Cross Platform Binary) file.

then grab Highflex’s Havok to fbx converter and convert the skeleton to an fbx. You can then import it.