Final Fantasy Christal Chronicles Crystal Bearers Models

I Just Started Playing it, and would love to have them as ragdolls for Garry’s Mod.

I just want the Main Characters Models,
Layle, Keiss and Belle.
Tis’ Belle:

This is the Main Character.(Layle)
And this is Keiss

well… hope someone help me…

Up! need someone to do this.

What console is this for?

It’s a Wii exclusive. Knowing the wii is ripable, this request isn’t very farfetched.

i mean, we have brawl rips, wouldn’t hurt to have FFCC ones right?

Well the thing about the Brawl rips is that someone created a specific tool made just for that one game, so unless someone makes a utility to rip from Crystal Bearers, it’s not going to happen.