Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 and Crisis Core Models (Have already been ripped)

Hey guys so I started a small project where I will try to get more square enix content into Gmod and it seemed like no one was interested which I can completely understand. However I’m not one for requests as in rigs as I understand how time consuming the job is.

I currently have all character models from the games Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core and Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy. The folders have been neatly set out with textures so riggers won’t have any difficulty with finding files however I must point out that not all models are in Tpose although I will try to locate the t pose version later as there are many files to look through.

If I was able to choose what characters I wanted rigging I would choose Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and Sephiroth. But I wouldn’t mind letting you guys here choose or the rigger as I tend to like all the models.

I would like them to be player models more than anything.

I can rip models from any Ps1, Ps2, PSP, NDS, PC game so feel free to request rips of me in exchange for rigging the models (Well most games there).

Add Me On Steam : JustinTheEnd

I will send the files through steam with a download link.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Models Ripped

Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Final Fantasy Models Ripped

I have attempted to learn rigging in the past many times so I hope you guys don’t believe me to be the lazy type.


If you rig nearly all of them which is around 35 even 40 I am willing to give you any game or add on etc on steam worth at most £30/$50 I understand not everyone has the time and I really need these rigs for some photoshop work I want to do for college. (I must be happy with the quality!). Time wise I’m completely fine to wait a month or two maybe around 4 months maximum and also I want to share these with the community with my new Final Fantasy 1 Elven Castle map in a nice big pack. I also accept Paypal!

So you aren’t dead? :v:

I honestly say i want the main character of FFIX, i don´t remember his name, he has a monkey tail, Lightning and Yuna

I have returned from death yes Good to hear from you once again.

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Oh yeah you mean Zidane yeah I’m not to keen on him but Lightning and Yuna are alright.

shit i would do this if if i knew how to rig i only know how to do the ripping and modeling

I have ripped Many of them with their original skeletons and animations intact, but their from the first dissidia so i wouldn’t have lightning nor any of the newer costumes that the old characters can obtain. Not to mention the skeletons are MUCH different from a source skeleton.

But how high of a quality can we really get from PSP models like those?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it, hell, I’ve wanted those characters for a long time, but I know that most models lose quality once they hit Gmod, and the Dissidia models are already kind of low quality…they’re amazing for a portable console, yes, but in general…

I don’t know, but if you can find someone to do it, this could turn out awesome…possibly.

I know how to rig, but i don’t know how to do face posing. Theses are low poly models correct? So I’m guessing they don’t have modeled mouths or anything?

Nope, no face posing i’m afriad.

I got many more, but all from the first dissidia X(

They’d probably look better than the Kingdom Hearts models do though…heh heh heh.

And I would find a way to use them. I could get a lot of nice poses out of those models, I’ll tell ya…

Too bad you can’t get the Duodecim ones. Gilgamesh and Prishe would be awesome.

Did you get Chaos?

this is asom!!!

Justintheend I’ll help you if you like, and I’ll do it for free too. lol The only problem is that I’m using
blender and I am still learning how to rig. If that’s alright with you then I will try to have them for you within a month or so.

Alright, since these models are amazing and I want this to get some attention, I’ll bump this thread twice and then let it die.

Could you rip some Colossi from SOC? If so I know someone who would rig for such a swap.

One more bump. I really want to see these done, if possible.