Final Fantasy; Dissidia Duodecim's Cloud, Sephiroth, Etc. Models - Need Rigging

A friend of mine showed me a gem of a website called The Models Resource, and on that website I found models ripped from Duodecim of several characters from the game.

If someone would be kind enough to take the models from that website and rig them up for Gmod, it’d be much appreciated! It’d be nice to have all of these models rigged for Gmod, but I personally most want to see the following characters, preferably with finger/face posing where applicable and their weapons as props. I know most characters won’t have face or eye posing available, though I believe Chaos’s jaw should be flexible. Not sure how finger posing would work on his four hands though…

Desired Characters;



Golbez (Alt);




Thanks in advance! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it’d be great to get these characters and models in Gmod! I personally believe this Sephiroth and Cloud look much better than the ones we currently have from Kingdom Hearts.

You have my support. If I was a better rigger I’ld help.

you can get them rigged if you use noesis.

Pardon me for being a little ill-informed of the current state of the technical world of Gmod, but what’s Noesis?

noesis is a model ripping program it will let you output those files directly to smd or any number of formats that support bones so no need to re rig the model.

That’s pretty cool, but unfortunately I wouldn’t know the first thing about anything when it comes to rigging and such…besides that, I’m not sure if that handles face/finger/etc posing, nor how it would work for four-armed winged and tailed Chaos or massively-caped Golbez, not to mention cloaked Sephiroth. Those aspects of those characters kind of defy the typical method of rigging, I should think.

So while I appreciate the tip, I think I’ll wait and see if someone with some decent skill at rigging will take up the request. If not, then I’ll look to this Noesis and see if it can do the job.

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Not to mention rigging the weapons as props. I don’t know if that program could do that.

and where’s kefka?

Golbez would be awesome to have.

Not on the website unless he’s been ripped under the Dissidia (non-Duodecim) section.


Bump. I’ll wait longer for the next one.

Just an FYI - rigging, setting up a phymodel, and doing all the other porting-related stuff is actually pretty difficult. I know you think you’re being a big help by providing pre-made models, and you are, but something like this is really only half-done - it’s not as simple as you might think to go from “finished model in-editor” to “finished model in-game”.

Even getting rigged models doesn’t make it a guaranteed thing - setting up collisions, joint constraints, eyeposing, faceposing etc. all takes a lot of time and work.

That said, I’d do these myself if I had the skills - unfortunately, my most advanced work was trying to port some pre-rigged ragdolls, and I can’t get them working remotely well. So I’m limited to static props, really.

I’d love to see some of these - I’ve been replaying FFVI, and I’d love to see Kefka and Terra in GMod.

Yeah, I’m aware of the difficulty of rigging a ragdoll. But I’m determined to see these in Gmod and I’m hoping that someone with the ability to would be kind enough come along and rig these up.

At least like this I’m putting it out here so that someone who may be able to do it could see it.

Hell, maybe one day I’ll do it if I ever learn about this stuff. But until then the possibility of someone else coming along and possibly pulling it off is greater than it being done without putting it out there.

At least that’s my feelings on it, I think. I only bump because I’m determined. Not because I expect someone to just come along and go “Oh I’ll do it”.

I know the chances of that happening are slim.


Also, thought I’d post the link to the regular Dissidia models in case someone wanted them. I’m not requesting them though, just posting them.


One more bump.

No, Neosis is perfectly capable of displaying Dissidia models in their native file-type, as well as Crisis Core, and the Original Final Fantasy VII, all in their native file-types. Neosis seems to have been made for that. Other game support has been added later, such as: Bayonetta, Duke Nukem Forever, all 3 Metroid Prime games, and so forth. Other games, such as Kingdom Hearts I & II, Birth By Sleep, Aliens VS Predator 2010, The Force Unleashed, and Crysis support, always in their native formats, are separate downloads. Ripping the info from the data or disk is always a requirement though.


However, the developers of Neosis do not like ripping the models to port into other games, like GMOD, for some strange reason so Neosis would have to be discretely used.

I see. So it could be used to rig the models for Gmod then?

Would it work for models like Chaos though? His four arms, wings, tail, etc? And would it allow for faceposing or anything of that sort? Or static props? Or for rigging things like Golbez’s cape, or Sephiroth’s hair?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m not really good with this stuff so I’m very curious. This may offer me some leeway into actually rigging models for Gmod myself one day. At the very least it may provide with some experience.


I have to say that those models are cool enough. I hope someone can port them.