Final Fantasy SNPCs

Hello, I’m looking for a coder who may be willing to do SNPCs using the final Fantasy models I have been working on porting.

I know this is a big request, and I won’t be able to pay you anything, but if you are interested in doing it for free, I can handle all modelwork, animation, and textures that may be required and pitch in wherever I can help. Even weapon attachments.

If you are curious as to what some of the creatures look like, here’s a link to what I’ve been working on.

and here’s a list of the other monsters/characters if you want me to port a specific npc for code work
(yes I have stuff from all 3 games)

Hopefully, if you do decide to accept, it should be fairly simple as far as snpcs go, since most of them would only need to walk and have melee attacks.

Thanks for reading, and if you do want some compensation, I’ll see what I can do for you.