Final Fantasy X Models.

Yeah I know, kinda odd request. I’m planning on making an sfm video using some FFX character models. It’s an animated episode of Super Best Friends Play with their current FFX playthrough. There are some models already out there that were ported from some people here a good few years ago, but they don’t have rigs and they weren’t able to port Wakka. He is the only character left that I need.’t_trust_Rikku.jpg/revision/20140105132942

I was hoping that maybe someone would be able to port him for me, and maybe create some rigs for the current ported models? I figured that if the other characters were ported then someone here may already have the assets ready to work on. I’d obviously put you in the credits when I get round to finishing it.

If you can do one or the other, I’d greatly appreciate it.


I don’t will do it but I remember that was really easy extract models and animations from FFX with Noesis. You should try.