Final Fantasy X/X2 High Poly Model Pack

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Final Fantasy X/X2 High Poly Model Pack


[tab]Description:[/tab] uploaded per ??UnKnOwN??'s request, and anyone else who simply want to port the high poly models

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] ffxview, 3dsmax, or milkshape

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

i’m sorry but Ihud didn’t work for me so all i have for you is a rapidhshare mirror

these are merely the high poly models from the FFX2 model pack uploaded for your convenience… and because ??UnKnOwN?? requested it though I’m not sure if he still needs it…

but regardless if you want to simply port just the hi poly models without all the excess low poly junk here it is

they are in .ffb format so it’s up to you to port it into milkshap, 3dsmax or watever else sort of modeling apparatus you use

i procured these models here:

credits go to rikku187 for the original link and Square Enix for original model structure, if you don’t own the game yada yada you know the rest…

0055.ffb = FFx2 Yuna

0056.ffb = FFX2 Rikku

0057.ffb = FFX2 Paine

0058.ffb = FFX Khimari

0059.ffb = FFX Wakka

0060.ffb = FFX LuLu

0061.ffb = FFX Tidus

0062.ffb = FFX Yuna

holy crap those are Awesome

Oh. I thought these had been compiled and released for Gmod.

Best of luck to Unknown if he is going to compile these.

While these are going to be useful to people wanting to convert them for GMod, I can’t wait to read the complaints from minges.

OMG i kant get thes 2 work in garys mod!!1 wat folder do i put them in?!?!11 HALP ME PLZ

Hopefully some quality conversions will be released soon, with face- and finger-posing included. :smiley: Personally I’m waiting for Rikku, Yuna and Paine… but I’m sure there will be some uses for the guys as well.

Tidus and Yuna are currently WIP by various people, aren’t they?

Excellent. While I already have these models for about a year now (yeah, I could’ve ported it ages ago but I was too lazy =]), it’s good to have these models out in the open, where more people can port it.

Can someone tell me where to get the ffx viewer? I’m searching for it on google now, but it seems that the original developer does not want it to be downloaded anymore…

Never mind, I have found it now on another page. Thanks for the model pack!



hey wait a min they are heads so people can use em good idea

Why are Yuna’s eyes two different colors, one green, one blue? But at any rate, I can’t wait for these to come out. :smiley:

Lots of luck getting the face posing to work with those. I avoided them for the time being because I’m kind of intimidated by the polycount at my level of skill. They’re basically the same as the low poly models, except for the head and the textures are split into about 8 or 9 files, I think. Once you see the detail in the head, you’ll know what I mean.

Good job! I hope it’s good.

Thanks, I was looking for those but I wish I only knew what to do to convert name and make it face posable and stuff. I got 3DS Max 7 by the way.

Hmm, is this legal? Does anybody care?

That’s what their like in FFX and FFX-2.

Anyway, nice models.

. . . . 0o
uh…i mean cool work dude! can’t wait!

where do i get the final fantasy characters

Ah ha! goes off to convert something but actually not

Damn. I hope someone converts these soon. I really need a Lulu model for…things

Holy crap, awsome.
If I wasn’t so lazy I’d make a model pack right now, but… well-I’m just too lazy. :smiley:

Do these come with muscles? The mouthes look alter-able.

Here is a thread on the FFX model viewer