Final Fantasy XII Models (raw models)

Here’s my release of the FFXII Models, it includes everything (characters, weapons, ships, etc.), including animations. You’ll need Noesis to view and export the files into whichever format you would like to use for GMod. Thanks to Stiffy360 for helping me out on the model issue. Enjoy.

cat13/random models, cat14/main character models, cat15/alternative head and hands for characters, cat16/weapons, cat19/other character models (all the judges are here), cat20/alternative head and hands for other character models, cat22/random scenery models I’m guessing, cat23/summon characters, cat24/alternative items for summons, cat25/random items.

n1017, n1018, n1019, n1061, n1133, n1143, n1144, n1145, n1146, n1147, n1148, n1149, n1162, n1171, n1176, n1194, n1195, n1207, n1208, n1240 all all the armored characters (Judges, Guards) I could find in the cat19 folder. For those looking specifically for those types of models.

Alternative link

You can obtain Noesis from here.

No love for this I guess.

I’m messing with stuff. like trying to redo the textures at a larger size.

I certainly appreciate the work you put into the pack Cylon. I only know how to rig XNALara models though.

I made an account just to thank you for these models! I wish there was some way to get the HD/Cutscene models but of course those are pre-rendered so impossible. Thank you very much!