Final Fantasy XII textures?

Its been a few years already, but I still can’t forget the epicness that is FF XII.
Anybody had any idea on how to get the environment/building textures for FF XII? Has anyone ever ripped those? Can’t find much stuff about FFXII anywhere.

Any good way to rip those texture?

I have the FF12 characters. And noesis supports the meshes and textures.

The environments textures?

I’d imagine that they have the same containers as the characters.

Any good tried and proven tools to extract them?

If you have the right plug-ins, Noesis can view the files just fine.

Noesis can see the files in the PS2 disk/ISO without me having to extract those files first? That’s neat.
Any links to the plugins?

They should come with noesis.

Here’s a direct download link for the current version of Noesis. And like Stiffy stated, the plug-ins for FF12 do come with it.

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Welp, it seems like Noesis cannot find the stage/environment models or textures.
All the character, monsters, and object models are there though. They are even animated and everything.
But not a shade of the environment resource was seen.

Any other methods I can resort to?

There are some environment-related resources (miscellaneous objects like bags or crates, parts of walls, etc.), but there’s isn’t a whole lot beyond that from what I can recall. If you’re referring to whole locations (like the city of Rabanastre for example), you might be better off trying to run the game through a PS2 emulator and seeing if you can use Ninjaripper (or other ripping programs) to rip the content, or seeing if the emulator can just export the content in question (assuming the one you use has that ability).

The characters/objects are awesome, but the thing that still eludes me are the locations (dungeon, cities, the deserts). The architecture in XII was divine.

Any known emulator that can export the content by itself? PCSX2?

Or good combination of emulator and plugins/ripper?

I think (keyword there) that PCSX2 has an exporting function, but I’m not entirely familiar with that emulator and wouldn’t really be able to tell you how to work with that. As for the emulator and ripper combination, you should just be able to launch the emulator of choice (most likely PCSX2) through Ninjaripper with the appropriate video and ripper settings (video settings for PCSX2 would have to be set up to use DirectX 9 or 10, Ninjaripper would have to either use the injection option or the proper .dll wrapper for the given settings you’re using).

As far as I know, you can’t rip from PCSX2 with any external ripper like 3dripperdx or ninjaripper due to the way PCSX2 emulates the ps2. With older versions of PCSX2(The function was taken out of the newer versions, I think), you can rip scenes into .obj using Shift+F8. You can rip the textures using Texmod or Ninjaripper. Here’s a detailed step-by-step

Tried using the emulator ripping method.
Other than the usual problem of no textures, flipped normals, flat models, it seems like the models are somehow a little bit bent…

At least I got the textures.

If I’m using Neosis to export the characters, what is the suitable export format for the animations to be preserved?
Or any method to carry the animations over to other modelling softwares (3DSMax, Milkspae, ect)?

I’d normally suggest .FBX, but I can’t remember if the animations break upon export or not.

Thanks, confirmed .FBX preserved the animations.

*snip snip

NVM, got everything working prefectly.

Finally I can make that FF12 MMO that I always wanted

But still, a FF12 MMO would be nice

Really need your help guys.
I’m a noob at 3dsMax.
How do I texture models, or assign textures to models?
What buttons do I press?