Final Fantasy XIII-2 models for GMOD

I have the models for xnalara. If somebody would be willing to port them to GMOD, I would very much appreciate it.

Me too.

If you have enemies and other creatures as well I can rig those :smiley:

I meant to respond sooner, but I just never got around to it. Unfortunately I don’t have the enemies usable in xnalara. I only have them directly extracted from the game. I honestly would be willing to pay somebody to port the models at the following link to GMOD.
I mainly would want the models (including DLC costumes) for Serah, Snow, Noel, Mog, and Caius.


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I may be able to do the main characters. Do you want them on the valve biped (playermodels), or custom/skeleton they use if they have one (would produce minimum distortion)

Can you go ahead and just give me the enemies as well assuming that they are in their own archives rather than jumbled together with other models, and I’ll figure out what to do with the files?

I want ragdolls. I’ve uploaded the character and enemy models. They’re in separate archives. Here’s the link.!107&mkt=en-US

Cool, I’ll get to work soon. May need some help with setting up $phong shaders and whatnot.

Oh sweet, I can get skeletons for these models which makes things much easier.

Hmmm… may need to make some of these models SFM only, because they have a crap-ton bones. (251 for lighting) max I can use in regular source is 128.

We have face bones. (I guess I’ll figure out facial flexes now)

Ignore the bad polygons, those are easily fixed. I’ll see if the portal 2 tools support more than 128 bones.

Also, perhaps when you have the chance, think you could get the boss models and textures if it’s not too much to ask?

I could be wrong, but I thought the boss models were already in there. I know I saw the 3 bahamuts from the final battle in there.

Really? I’ll continue searching through the 900 files then. Thanks. Figuring out flexes atm. May be able to get something tomorrow.

Please keep in mind I’ll have to remove a few dozen dozen bones on lighting just to get it to work in garrysmod which I assume you want.

The bahamuts are in folders m800, m801, and m802.

I’m currently working on one of the Lightning Returns models. Although I’m still learning how to rig stuff so it may take some time. On top of that, I don’t think we will be able to get some of the models in due to the large amount of bones for some of the models.

you can remove a few bones you know. You don’t need all the hair bones they have.

I’m completely new to rigging though and while I understand how to do it in general I don’t really understand how to do it for Source models… :confused:

Do face bones count towards the bone limit? I’m assuming yes correct?

Also, would we have to scale the models so that they are the correct size in SFM/GMod?

you may be able to pose the face and then ditch the face bones. and yes you’ll have to resize.

If I ditch the face bones will it lose poseability in GMod?

I’m thinking about just making a new skeleton completely for her so it would be optimized for GMod. I’m using her divergence skin since it doesn’t have too many flowing cape elements. That way I can focus on getting a base skeleton that I can use with future models.

What do I need to resize her to? Blender doesn’t have any scales that I can use unfortuntately. :frowning:

I’m certain you wouldn’t. Flex animation exists so that your models don’t need an excessive number of bones for facial expressions.

Thanks for that. I’ll google it and see if I can find any tutorials.

Well, here’s some progress on the models, I did the behemoths first since they’re my favorite.