Final Fantasy XIII Characters. Impossible?

Hey guys! I only recently began playing Final Fantasy XIII, and a thought hit me. I realized that I haven’t seen anything from the game in Gmod. I did some searching, and I found nothing on Facepunch, and nothing on

I did though run into a thread talking about a polygon limit, or something like that. Are Final Fantasy XIII characters impossible to have in Gmod? I know this is something of a newb question, but… That’s what I am, so please forgive me! XD

It´s a model ported from FFXIII on Gmod, is Zesh, and there isn´t more models catually from this game

Thanks! Not sure how I missed that one XD

If Warcraft 3 can do it…

It certainly isn’t impossible, I found a few models in .obj format and was able to compile them. I had to ‘rig’ it myself, and I really am not very good at that. lol

Nicely done. Looking forward for that.

I’m actually working on Lightning right now from Dissidia 012! XD

It’ll be hilarious to see her XIII model next to the PSP one.

Fedge, don’t forget to add Face Posing and Finger Posing to make it more complete.

That Vanille is running in Warcraft 3?! Whoa.

I hope you release that model that would be great. :smiley:

Edit: is that blender or max?