Final Fantasy XIII Female Models

i found this blogger 3d model for final fantasy. look at image have 7 model above

Download links:

That’s awesome :open_mouth:
Now we just need someone to rig and face/fingerpose them!

alright*, i be patient >_<

Through my searching on the internet, I found Lightning in her native .trb format. With the help of NOESIS…

She has bones! And they ARE weighted! Yay.

Now I only need to figure out how to extract .trb files from my 360 disc…

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Jesus…she has a lot of bones though, 210 lol…Should be ok though, seems like alot in her cape thingy.

Fedge, you freakin’ machine!! Best of luck with this, buddy!

Thanks! Looky looky —

Face flexes, huzzuh! Too bad the textures are bad compared to the others I had, and they’re different so I can’t re-use them. I think this might be the lowpoly version, and the other .obj I had was from the cutscenes or something. Looked much nicer.

Ew, you’re right. That would explain a lot, actually. Hell, is this from the ps2 version or something?

i not sure i just found at blogger GFX 3d model.

Finally, after going through so many lazy modelers (who say they will launch such a model and spend months and never do) there is someone who does something.

Agreed. Fedge has done, like, a billion models in the last few weeks. All of which are kickass quality, with face/finger/eyeposing.

fedge = god-tier.

Fedge, i would tell you something, if you port Tekken characters, you will be my God, yo have ported REALLY useful models in this days, and i´m so glad for that, th eunique model from yours than doesn´t appear to me it´s Lara, but nevermind, it´s 1 from 12 :wink:

He was probably bitten by a radioactive modder ^^

If you want him to port from Tekken then give him an idea of which Tekken game and some website that has all of its models. He’s not going to just go out, torrent games and start porting, especially since Tekken isn’t for the computer.

lightning doesn’t show up for some reason but the other models are fine

these look fun to rig, I may give it a go at some of the characters

Oooooh, I can’t wait, so many models I’m looking forward to.

Is it okay if i already most of these already soon done-ish :L?

yes it is very ok

Ah! Cool, I was gonna make a thread just like this to, yesterday but I didn’t because I was sure they had gotten all the way to Facepunch already.