Final fantasy XIII Sazh

Heres Sazh
i ragdolled his trenchcoat but questioned if it would be to difficult to pose so i exported 2 versions one with and one without a ragdolled coat hes got 39 face flexes and eye posing enabled REPORT FOR ERRORS :open_mouth:
i hate working with large coats or skirts or skilts or so require alot of work the phymodel will b updated but if u all r alright with it now then well ill leave it :smiley:

anyways heres sazh :stuck_out_tongue:

@@@@- - Sazh COMPLETE -@@@@

Uploaded with

YAY! If you made Fang as a playermodel for me, you would be like Jesus IMO!

Come with Chocobo?

u kno i rly wanted to release him with a chocobo lol but well sum things preventing that :<

i cant do that :c

Ah, hope those things get unprevented :ohdear: otherwise, got my download:dance:

Super duper nice.



OMG, I never thought you really did it.
I recommend finishing Tekken first before doing something else.

Wow. I’m wondering how you managed to rip it? Either someone wrote a 360 or PS3 emulator, or someone reverse-engineered the engine’s format. Which was it?

A++ model, by the way.

Freaking amazing. This is quality at it’s finest.

Does his afro have jigglebones?

Xbox emulator?
I’m just guessing.

I’m curious if you obtained the model through dumping and extracting from a 360 ISO or managed to do it with the new trick of dumping from the PS3. If I’ve read correctly (and I could be very wrong about this, so don’t bash if I’m wrong), I hear you can dump models, data, etc with the new backup code that came out or with a special devkit PS3 (one of the two). I’d be interested to know myself how it was done. Also, keep up the nice work.

well i am not fan of final fantasy franchise anymore(got sick after FFX)but this is probably the first afro character made in gmod history so u got my download and well done roland

What the fuck is this abomination.

Anyways it’s a nicely done model but your grammar and spelling are atrocious.

Any chances of you porting Lightning next? :v:

Seems like its Jimi Hendrix))))))

i wonder if anyone noticed, that the model folder doesn’t contain any files…just the materials folder does.
either way my download manager has got a black hole somewhere and sucks those files out of the .zip, or you didn’t include them yet.

Now we only need Lighting ported.

Holy shit you’re right. I don’t have anything too in the models folder.

Oh well the OP will fix it soon.