Final Fantasy XV model requests

Was anyone able to extract 3d models from this game?, cause i would love to have gladiolus model,lunas and from summons.I will wait for anyone’s respond .

Sigh… you guys should really do a bit of research before posting topics like this. PS4 and Xbone games still have yet to be properly cracked… you wont be seeing models from this game anytime soon.

plus word is that a pc port is likely in the works,it may not be confirmed but the studio did say they’d look at a pc port once the game launched so just be patient what I’d honestly say because it’s not like Square hasn’t ported many of their fanchises to steam in the past.

Dear friends ty for your responds.I will wait for the pc update ty again all!!

Lurked around and found this thread (apologize for the bump). But I hope this is a good news regarding FFXV files. Latest noesis (v4.25) supports FFXV files, I checked the readme file and the Noesis itself and found this.

I also checked Rich Whitehouse’s twitter, and I was shocked.

Only thing that I don’t understand is how they managed through the game file’s encryption (assuming it’s PS4, because I’ve seen P.T. and KZ: Shadow Falls are decryptable and models+textures are extractable).

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Holy fuck

I tried Everything as possible to get any info from that douchebag of Rich Witehouse on Twitter. I asked how he managed to get those models directly from the disc, how to decrypt or extract the files directly. and yet he didn’t answered my question.

Also, I got fucking tired of the too short tweets I was allowed to write. 200 characters is fucking low just for a plenty of questions. and to put it simple. I only could just tweet him a simple “FUCK YOU” for keeping all that info secretly, just by posting some fucking photos and never giving us an step by step guide of how to get all the FFXV models we were looking for. Specially me, with Carbuncle, Catoblepas, Adamantoise and the rest of the plethora of animals/beasts and monsters in-game

and yet today, I didn’t get any fucking answer.

Didn’t someone noticed that since he retired his old webpage Señor Casaroja and Xentax comunity confused us with contradictory rules about “NO POSTING MODELS” from copyrighted games… (Meaning… no more models ripped from any comercial game is allowed here anymore)
that comunity became into a bullshit?

Noesis will never provide us a decryptor for FFXV… Rich Witehouse MUST show us how the fuck can we do that.

PS: I wanna get my fluffy white carbuncle model… Dammit… (TT_TT)

Well if your post is any indication of how you would ask for anything… I can understand why, but its more than likely that its coz he gets spammed daily with “gib FFXV nyao” messages…

Anyway, he got the files from a friend of mine on dA, who knows people with a hacked ps4, that did the game dump and file decryption, which they then all got together and worked to get the models out.

if i could find where to download game files i try to open it

So if we have the game files, we can use Noesis to extract the models? If so, where can we find the game files??

Yes, if the game files are decrypted. The file extension should be .earc (archive), .gfxbin (models), and .btex (textures).

It’s pretty obvious that the game files are stored in PS4 disc itself, but either the decrypted file dumps or the decryption method (or both) has yet to be uploaded/shown to public.

So looks like we can’t do anything but wait until someone uploads the decrypted game files? Rich Whitehouse hasn’t shared anything about how he got those files yet? That is a bummer.

and this is how I hate him the most, He had the kind of skills in how to rip the unripable game from a console that until today, no one could make a perfect Kernel hack, compile a CFW, and share the CFW in public.

Because of that, I went on Nintendo 3DS Model ripping, although only I could rip models from some games, since some of them have unknown file formats, and some of the rippable models ended looking bugged (Digimon Universe applimonsters textureless models, or Toriko Gourmet Monsters buggy textures, and yet today the unknown format from ettrian Odyssey that somehow only a comunity member from Ohana 3DS Rebirth Github knows how to rip, and yet I don’t know how)

Rich Witehouse still keeps the secret for himself since 3 months. and I still wants that fluffy white carbuncle model, as well as the rest of the animals and creatures from the entire game itself.

Lol if you talk to him with as much hatred as you express in your posts here it’s no wonder he doesn’t answer you. Also did it ever occur to you that maybe he did not even decrypt the game himself? Check the readme, it was a joint effort (which doesn’t mean ‘go pester those people for files aswell’ btw. Since no one uploaded anything they most likely don’t want to)

Also, why would he need to give you information about anything? He works on Noesis in his freetime, it’s probably his hobby and FFXV had his interest so he implemented support. He isn’t obliged to serve your interests. I sure as hell wouldn’t share if people ask me this impolitely or call me bad names behind my back on a forum.
I doubt you’d share any of your stuff if someone did this to you.

Well I politely asked him to share FFXV files about a month ago and still nothing back from him. I personally find it really annoying that he’s keeping all of this to himself. Ugh

upload ps4 files i can extract it

Sharing huh?.. Look…

Google Photos

You want it? a nigga looking hamster without body texture?.. Take it.

(It includes the original files, just in case you want to fix it yourself)

Same shit happens with some models I do… as well as other problems I have, like deformed models (Normally from DQ games), Models separated or broken into several meshes, No iris textures, and messed up
rigging. Shall I continue?

I would shared, if I would had something to share.
Models done in 1 mesh, without any texture problems, correct UVW, Fixed rigs, and the models themselves included as DAE and FBX, or even have support for Gmod and SFM.
Besides, Since I downloaded SFM, perhaps it may be interesting if I ever upload something in Workshop as well… but, of course. How can I do that if I cannot simply fix a transparent body texture?

It can be considered totally offtopic. but you started this bullshit. and I wanted to shut the hell up of this topic.

My cat had died 2 months and 10 days ago. My life itself relies on seeing animals licking their paws. and Youtube isn’t the good place to find them nowadays, since there’s the main focus of cancer videos,
and Furaffinity is filled of people who only are willing to do stuff if you pay hundreds of dollars, All I can life for is making 3D animations for myself.
And people like RTB are the only ones who provided me the stuff to do so.
Ripping models for myself mitght be good as well. but of course, with the problems that comes along with them.

But that goddamn comunity (The models resource) not only uploaded less models, but also I don’t have any goddamn reason to go back.

You want those FFXV models?.. DO NOT BLAME ME YOU BASTARD!!!. And blame Rich Witehouse, since he is the idiot who don’t want to share it.

I shared the model just to shut your mouth (Or keyboard to be more precise, although it sounds too weird and inaccurate)
Wasn’t it from FFXV? Yeah, it isn’t… but it’s in reply to Crofty’s foulmouthed words. next time, think twice,
and remember. I am 36 years old. I used computers when your mom breast fed you, and you never knew of MS DOS, and GWBASIC.

10 CLS
30 GOTO 10

I really miss those syntaxes, those will never come back.
all my knowledge in BASIC, wasted… (TT_TT)

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Isnt it already confirmed that FFXV will be ported to the PC? should just wait if PS4 extraction methods arent public\ffxv models arent public

Yah, i think you missed my point lol.

I am very sorry to hear about your cat, i really am.

But i don’t really get how these people owe you anything if you approach them with these manners.

Where did i ever state that i want them? I don’t blame Rich for not sharing them. (see other post for reason)

I don’t think i am the foul mouthed person here.
Also what is that point even? Being 36 years old doesn’t really add to any respect if you act like this.
Very mature lol

I think you’ve got a bigger issue than models not being shared.

There is this method but it looks like a ps4 with older firmware is needed.