Final game features

I was just wondering what the features of the completed Rust / final game will be? Is there any list of expected features and what they will be adding from this point on?

I really love the game so far, I think it has a great base game and once they add more stuff to do/build/craft, it’ll be truely amazing.


It’s still in alpha. Front page: “This is in very early public development. Everything will change. Beware.

yes obviously, but OP was asking what kind of features they are planning to add from this point to the full release.
which by the way i am also interested in knowing if they have any plans or a list of features they are planning to make

So? We could still have a list of EXPECTED features. This LIST has features that may OR MAY NOT be added. I would like to see some expected features. Doesn’t matter if its in alpha as well iv seen alpha games with lists of expected features.

"bcnet: What can players expect to see in the future for Rust? Things you might be excited to implement?

Garry: We have a lot of things planned but we don’t really like to talk about them too much. We find that if we talk about features too early people tend to make a bunch of stupid assumptions about them and get angry. We much prefer to just drop them on the community and see how they handle them."


I think what would really answer your question is a statement from the Devs.

However, you can check out their trello page which they constantly update. It shows you what they’re working on. Whats to be released in the next build etc…

Check it out.

We’re not going to make the mistake of trying to sell the game on a bunch of features that probably won’t make it in anyway. That’s why we’re not making any promises of what’s going to be in the final version.

Best thing to do. Thanks for being honest man.

Good idea. That is why WarZ failed. They made tons of promises that never happened.

WarZ failed because it was a shitty game.