(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง FINAL HEAVEN RUST - /tpa - /sethomex2 - NO WIPES* (see details)


  • Players who are inactive for 15 days or more will have their builds automatically removed. The goal of this server is to build up an active community with large rival clans as opposed to starting over again and again. There will never be server-wide wipes, and you will not forget blueprints provided something catastrophic doesn’t happen to the server files.

WEBSITE: http://•••••••••com/ZodiacRust

How to join:

Once you have the game, press F1 to open the console and enter:



  • Sleepers ON (This means your body will lay down where you log out, so find some place safe before logging.)

  • Player Destroy mode (correct misplaced building parts)

  • Instant craft (craft items instantly)

  • Death Match PvP Arena!

  • Exploit and hack protection

  • FPS boost

  • /sethome x2 and TPA(teleport to other players by request) commands

  • x4 Gather rates on minerals, wood and animals!


We rely on the game’s natural decay rate and special plugins to eliminate abandoned buildings that could clutter the map. You will never have to worry about constantly starting over like every other Rust server ever.

Player commands:


/chelp to display the commands below

/ccreate - create clan
/cdelete - delete clan
/cinvite “player”- invite a player to the clan
/caccept - accept the invitation
/ccancel - decline the invitation
/ckick “member” - kick a member off the clan
/cleave - leave the clan
/cm - clan chat
/clist - shows the list of clans in the server (Leader, # of Members, FF mode)
/cwho - shows the list of members in the clan
/cmotd - shows clan’s MOTD
/cff - shows clan’s FF mode
/cpromote “member” - promote a member to officer
/cdemote “officer” - demote an officer to member
/csetting “motd” - change motd
/csetting “ff” on/off - change friendly fire
/csetting “invite” - give invite privilege for officer
/cabout - plugin information
Future commands:
/cupgrade - upgrade clan’s level
/csetting “kick” - give kick privilege for officer

Destroy Mode:

/destroy start (begin destroy mode. This allows you to break things that belong to you and retrieve them.)

FPS Boost:

/fps (This command will help your slow computer handle the game a bit better with less client side lag.)


/dm join - Join to DeathMatch Room
/dm leave - Leave of DeathMatch Room
/dm rank - Show top 10 Ranking
/dm reward - Show reward list
/dm reward Prize - Claim a reward from list
/dm score - Show your Score (work from v0.4)
[Admin Commands]
/dm setspawn - Set a new spawn point on your position");
/dm setspawn Number - Change a existing spawn to your position.
dm toggle - Toggle On/Off Death Match.

VOTE REWARDS: Vote every 24 hours and get x1 Airdrop canister!