Final Hour (Alyx' Revenge)

Just a pic of an alternative way of Breen’s death. I am aware of low resolution models, low resolution picture quality and I’m still learning.


I’d love to comment on your picture, but my 100 MB/s internet is no match for your .png-imageshack combination. May I suggest saving as .jpeg and using a different host?

Of course, which host would you suggest?

dropbox and are the best.

Thank you, I will edit the topic in a sec

Edit: That should do it :slight_smile:

Dat ass is really not very strict.

perfect theme.

Her leg looks really weird.

True, but she’s in a bended position. I know it may not be very visable, and I’m not a very good poser yet

Is it not loading for anyone else?

DAT ASS…looks deformed.