Final release ideas // Customisation, environment, animals and more.

My ideias:

-Torches on the wall: I think it would be a great idea, a stand to put torches on the wall or something, you also have that supplies it with coal or wood to keep it on.

-Character Customisation: more types of clothes would be a great idea, helmets, hats,shoes,backpacks (expanding the maximum number of items you can carry, but leaving slower) and watches. The clothes could also rip or ruin with time and with the amount of damage you took using it (you can fix it).

-Weapons and Items: A sniper, would be pretty cool, but you could not learn to do it, only catching the plane, the same with the ammo.
A knife, with it you could get a larger amount of loot of animals and do more damage than people in the pickaxe or hatchet.

-PLEASE add a command or something like that to someone is allowed to open the door with it, with that, he gets a key (I think it would be cool) and he have to keep with it to open your door, and if someone else kill him, he can grab the key and open your door.

-Bikes, cars, speedboat would also be cool, but I think the map is still very small.
And speaking of the map, a compass would be nice (you need to find it or make).

-Other islands, you could go on a boat or swimming (with special clothing allowing breath underwater and swim faster). On the way you could find other animals such as fish, sharks, alligators, and others.

Thanks for reading, do not forget to leave suggestions.
(sorry for the bad english, i’m not from the USA).

The compass idea is really cool. It’s not as easy as a map or a GPS, but it would be great to be able to orientate oneself with this tool. And afterall, our man can build a M4 but not a compass ??

Totally agreeing with torches on walls, when you have a tall building the only options are campfires (only one room/story) or pistol flashlight (only for one person).

Snipers however shouldn’t be included, only bolt-action rifles (same without a scope).

Another suggestion: character creation. You could like change the type of hair, face, skin color… But it shouldn’t be too complex else Rust would become The Sims: Zombies.

You mean, ‘sorry for the bad English, i’m not from England’ :slight_smile:

The sun always rises in the east, always sets in the west.

You always have huge mountains to the north.

Youre welcome.

I think a compass is a beautiful idea. For the beginers. and it makes things like finding each other and planning raids. good idea i like it!

How about an ingame map, but with a sketch like fog of war.

So for instance, its a rough sketch on a piece of paper, the more you travel, the more sketch is put on the paper revealing the map.

No, he can build a M4 and a compass, “a compass would be nice (you need to find it or make).”

A compass wouldn’t be bad but I wouldn’t consider it a high priority. You have the sun and moon to go off of. It’s super easy to learn and remember.

A map would be nice, especially if you could customize it by marking where all your caches are for reference?

Torches for light? Absolutely - great idea.

The rest of your ideas I’m not a huge fan of, at least at this point in the game. Put keep the ideas coming.

I totaly agree with the torch story !
We have a huge house and its totaly dark inside. I hope they will add it.

I like where you’re going with these ideas. As for the compass its as simple as a needle and water with a floating object so could easily be crafted out of the goods you find. The addon would be to have your character be allowed to sketch a map. That can be copied and or looted off your corpse. Something interactive even that sketches it self based on where you’ve explored allowing the bandits in the event there of to follow it back to your base if the info is good enough.

Compass, map, etc. aren’t needed. It’s very easy to learn the map. I like character customization, and I would like to see clothing changed. Kevlar makes you look like a robbery, and not someone who would be raiding a building with C4, M4’s and Shotguns. I like the old military outfits.

Snipers would be very cool. I hope to god you would not be able to quick scope like Call of Duty.