Final warning, move away!

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That bad eh?

Epic. Thats all. I love it ;p

Thank you. It’s my first First Person camera view.

Some wonky face and finger posing, and you went kinda hard on the blur.

Well the face poser was being gay, so I did my best. Thanks for the criticism. I guess I did.

it looks great i like it man!

what do you mean?

Like, all the flexes on ALL the models are extreme. “Can’t believe it” turns into massive face explosions, and so on.

Did you turn down the intensity or whatever it’s labeled as? (I can’t remember)

Probably “gay” as in queer, dumb, broken. It’s slang, and insensitive, but I’ve used it myself before and I don’t think we should judge him for it (save it for sensationalist headlines :v:)

In terms of the picture, the blur is a bit overdone and the contrast seems a little high (which doesn’t play well with the jpeg file format). In all it looks nice, though.

New pic updated: Less Blur, fixed contrast.


i’m not uneducated in english figures of speech if that’s what you’re implying. that’s just insulting

i was simply asking the OP to be more specific so that we could figure out what the problem was and fix it if possible

This isn’t horrible at all, but the faceposing, finger posing and the camera field of view needs a minor adjustment. I can see in my head how it wanted to look though.

Keep it up man!

lol, the FOV is gayest in the world, when I look at that picture I feel like sexually attracted to men.

Well yeah that’s sort of the point of calling someone gay.

remember when “gay” meant “jolly, happy, cheery”?

me neither

My great grandma still says “I’m gay you’re here” and “I’m really fagged (tired)”

But you’re british, we understand and support you :v:

Ha ha, true. . . true.