Finally finished it.

Now I haven’t really sat down and worked on this for extended periods of time. I’ve worked on this short thing over the course of 5-6 months now. Every once in a while when I was bored I’d open up photoshop and just fool around.

This is by no means a real comic. This is not intended to be top quality reading material.
This is a product of boredom. But in seeing as how I finished it all I figured I’d share it and see what people thought of it. It also doesn’t have a title or anything so yeah…here it is.

(Just click the links cause the size of the image is awkward and doesn’t look good when blown up on the forum page)

Woa, it’s like a small puzzle! With those arrows and such, I think you did a really good work though.

This is the end of comic? anyway,it looks sad,but is good.

To me it was like the pilot episode of a series. I just did it for fun. Think of it as episode one or chapter one. No idea if I’ll be doing more or not.

No other input? :toot:

Nope,this comic is too serius,and no one wants to read/comment it
but stills cool

I read all of it, and I thought it was brilliant.

I love serious comics like these, very nice editing and wording.
You should def make more of these.

Well written narrative. I really liked the layout to. Art it is.

Make more, I like.

That was one of the best comics I’ve seen for quite a good while. Make more please.

Brilliant, I think you should make more.

You’re a fucking idiot.

You’re a fucking badass.

No seriously, I enjoyed this comic immensely. I look forward to a possible continuation.