Finally found a server with the best admin I have seen so far

Have played on tons of servers over 250 hours of rust. Most are plagued with hackers, or have altered the game by removing craftable c4, adding economy etc. If you find a good one it often ends up having an abusive admin who turns on godmode or helps him and his friends gain unfair advantage. Other admins ban skilled players due to whining rather than investigating if they are really hacking.

I have played on this server for 150 hours or so and have found the admin (dblockk)to always be incredibly responsive, quickly investigating and banning hackers, and wiping once it gets big enough for it to start lagging. Also the best competition I have seen in the game when server was at its peak, over 100 regularly with tons of clans warring with one another. Numbers are a little low after admin had to move providers to get away from ddoser (mad kids who got banned) so I wanted to give it some love.


Was just wiped so a clean start for everyone.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

Im guessing your the admin. You shiukd have posted in the server forun

Are we not allowed to post here about servers? If not feel free to remove post.

I am not the admin, this is verifiable via the server website.