Finally found some batteries? Yup, wanna hear it?

Shitty bandoliers for the win!

You must have played World in Conflict to understand this… sort of.

What do batteries sound like?


It sounds like blue.

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Hehe, yeah.

Isolate before shading, damnit.

Okay master, though i thought it gave a nice effect.

Such a fun game. Good picture too.

That poor man on the car must be in so much agony right now.


I might be stupid in asking but this is a world in conflict reference right?

Dunno about you, but I don’t like blurry black outlines.

I love how he doesn’t give a fuck about the door frame that’s inside his leg.

It’s not inside his leg, the frame is chopped off in the middle.

pretty much this?

yay for bad blood effects~

awesome, except the sling

Ya, i know.

If it’s the 1980’s

it needs a bigger audio player.

I loved the ending in World in Conflict. Awesome pic!

do you guys have the link to these guys?