finally got one

so yer after a ton of hours i finally got a bolt action rifle

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really good but harder at range with the sway but with a bit practice will be pretty deadly

I like it myself, the sway is just right but with its extended range the devs will have to tweak the animals a bit because you can shoot a bear at max range with the rifle and the bear just plods along as if nothing has happened lol.

I refuse to believe that this was found on an official server.

Although, I’ve seen plenty of them on Modded/Community servers.

It’s spawn only pretty sure, but this guy is trolling my post saying it’s not, we have over 100 combined hours looking for it yesterday, and no luck.

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Either way, this could be so easily resolved if a Dev just confirmed all these posts about it.

this was found with 6 people farming zombies and chests

I’m totally sure they found them in an official server huh?

I like it. It uses the 556 ammo, same as the M4. It definitely has some sway, but i thought it was good with a holo scope on it. From my testing, as long as you’re hitting the head, normal zombies drop in 1 hit, black zombies in 2, bears have given me a problem, usually more then 3 shots lol, but maybe i can’t find the head hit box when it’s charging me. Oh and I believe the damage was 63 and range 250, but could only hold 3 bullets at a time.

Too bad the range is shit like all the weapons in the game. A high-powered rifle(Which I assume it’s supposed to be, it’s just using 5.56 because they haven’t added a new ammo type yet) should have a much longer range than 250 yards. Also the damage is kind of low, takes 2-3 shots to kill a deer, more for bear.

250 meters genius and it’s max range you can render a player… ie if you see a player you can hit him.