Finally iam happy

Iam going to get s&box for free after 3 months :slight_smile: iam going to create a fucking awesome maps :DDDDD

cool cool

Woah, I honestly didn’t expect the same person that made


To actually get access, especially seeing as your proficiencies include:

how did you manage to get access?

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Ooooooh do you KNOW this >>

OR This - image

Man your kind of spamming at this point slow down cowboy :cowboy_hat_face:

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I didn’t even know it was possible to have a score of 1 and you are not the last one, it’s strange anyway.

Yes, it’s extremely lucky to have a score of 1 and be that high up on the queue, nevertheless, OP you’ll be one of the few that will actually get to play the game (for free) before it releases!

Wtf I have 1 workshop score too and I’ll get it in 2 months

I thought Garry said that he won’t be giving out thousands of keys. The queue has to stop at some point.

I have a Score of 1 but it said I’ll be getting one in 7 months haha