Finally! : Modern Warfare2 Prop Pack v2!

Police Car




MH6 with Pilot

Used Parachute/ Bodybag/ Carepackege/ Predator Controller/ M5 Sentrygun/
Snowmobile/ Medical Hammock(?)

Bulletproof Minigun Van / Technical



Yes finally!

Whats wrong with the white pickup? Its all bumpy looking

YAY Thanks dude =D

The technical and the care package have some serious bump mapping. Yeesh.

Love the other stuff though.

And the Black Technicals Grille is missing.

But nonetheless, awesome. Can we get our hands on one of those buses on the multiplayer maps?

I thought you released this already :v:

does it take a while for the download link to appear cause I NEED THIS GREAT MOD

PPL 62% be happy!!!

Never! Not until its 100%!


So close.

Definately looking forward to that Pavelow.

oh! very awesome!
I love you!!

I has to test


1 more minute and it is DONE =OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Rapidshare?** Bloody hell.

These do look pretty damned epik, especially the helicopters. I’m still waiting for one of the multiplayer harrier jets though.

Really, really, really bad download speed. Taking a damn hour.

I can’t even download it because apparently the download limit has been reached.