"Finally, something I DON'T hate!" - Francis Fires Some Alien Weaponry


i fucking love these section 8 guns

alos bonus? (i just wanted to try the head removal thing)


comments are greatly appreciated.

The 2nd picture looks like he’s stuck in him still :v:

how do you mean?

he looks weird on the first one…like the phong fucked up or something
and yes i’m talking about Francis right now

Editing looks spot-on, is the gun released?

yeah, models section, “section 8” stuff.

Looks like francis is coming out the zombies head in the second picture.

oh god :ohdear:

Lighting on Francis is pretty bad. Did you not bother isolating?
Weapon effect is coo, although maybe if it was giving off more light it would be better.
Camera angle is pretty dull.