Finally Thank You So Much South Africa Finally Got a Server

ZA all Welcome server

is truly the greatest Rust achievement in Africa History Thank you so much who ever is hosting it you are an Angel.


That beautiful 52 Ping is the best thing Ive ever seen

only problem we are facing now is the No Connect Auth TimeOut
Problem Why that is happening who knows I suspect it needs updating but the ZA server is there and it is most definitely Progress

Thank you Kind People Who has seen threads about the African need for servers
oh and Sorry that Ive been Spamming people About this issue on Twitter, facepunch, Steam

But finally its here and we can Jam man what a beautiful day
Right Peeps That is From me Thanks a lot again


Can’t connect to it though? Any ideas as to when this problem is going to get fixed?


Hey Just sign out of steam then try again your auth key needs to reset, I also Struggled so much but just sign out and sign back in

I get an object reference error. Is this because the server hasn’t been updated?

I was playing last night perfectly fine.

Hey TimeLord_ZA
Still can’t connect. Ive logged out, closed steam, logged back in and im still getting the same problem any other solutions you can think of? Reaaaally want to play with no lag!

Thanks so much for all the help.

It’s an auth error. It says people are playing but I can’t connect. Ugh