Find a position in a model ?

Hi Facepunch !

I’m a novice/medium Lua scripter and I’m presently customizing my own version of PERP 3.5, based on the old PERP D3lux Beta.

I was slowly adding cars when I saw this -->

VEHICLE.PassengerSeats 	=	{
						{Vector(17.6582, -55.8569, 35), Angle(0, 0, 0)},

Well … the scripted cars I just found on FP (sickness models) aren’t coming with a small .txt file telling you the vector for passenger seats on each car. The problem is that I’m not so badass with the models sh*t. Here is the question: How would I find the Passenger Seats vectors and wich program to use ? HLMV ?

Thanks ! Take your time to answer me !