Find a position in a model ?

Hi Facepunch !

I’m a novice/medium Lua scripter and I’m presently customizing my own version of PERP 3.5, based on the old PERP D3lux Beta.

I was slowly adding cars when I saw this -->

VEHICLE.PassengerSeats 	=	{
						{Vector(17.6582, -55.8569, 35), Angle(0, 0, 0)},

Well … the scripted cars I just found on FP (sickness models) aren’t coming with a small .txt file telling you the vector for passenger seats on each car. The problem is that I’m not so badass with the models sh*t. Here is the question: How would I find the Passenger Seats vectors and wich program to use ? HLMV ?

Thanks ! Take your time to answer me !

Do I need to decompile each car model to get a position ?

You can use wiremod as help, since it lets you do vector calculations and such in realtime without much effort. Go ask on for more help on that.

Has an option to output vectors.