Find a way to cross that pit

I was walking away to the door when suddenly, a train wagon fall from the sky and demolished the floor. Can you help them how to cross this pit?

If your wondering what map is it, click here

My idea is wall run on the left and tempt to grab on the floor thingy/grab on to the floor with red walls and head to the door.

Have the guy in the blue shirt kill the medic, terrorist, then break the support in the middle, tie em together, and use as a walkway.

I agree with this sadistic way!

Wouldn’t this be in the comic its kinda interactive though or yet maybe I’m wrong…

I don’t understand how you think this is a comic. It’s just a screenshot.

Picture is pretty empty.

You obviously never try wall running.

I have, that’s how a broke my neck 3 weeks ago…

That’ll teach you to recreate the moves of fictional video game characters.

… and some strange people who are somehow able to do it.

Damn Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed!

noclip, lol

5 stars to me for the lamest answer

sv_cheats 1


and i think they should find some rope and use their weapons to zipline across.

throws a computer screen
screen breaks the pillar
the pillar falls and stand still between the gap,making a bridge

Kill the terrorist and the medic, use the medic eyes & balls as wheels, slap them on the terrorist, use him as a skateboard and flip your way across the pit!

that has to be the most awesome yet most gross idea ever
i mean…why not using the terrorist’s eyes too instead of the medic’s balls?

It isnt ment to be practical, it is ment to be brutal :slight_smile:

Oh god people, what the hell is wrong with you people, think something more of a teamwork and realistic like left 4 dead. Did anyone see the guy behind the fence? He has a p90, a frag grenade and a p228 stuff.

They should try rocketjumping, because you know, THAT ALWAYS WORKS.

Posing isn’t the best.