Find DarkRP job through Serverside


This doesn’t seem to work on serverside.
Is there another method to check a job through serverside Lua?

That does not work, because you are using it wrong.

You have to use it like this player:getDarkRPVar(“job”).
That would return the player’s job.

You can use player:Team() as alternative.
Which would return the team number.

I know how to return the job variable.

I need to know the job name for the serverside stuff, but getDarkRPVar doesn’t work on serverside.
The best solution I can think of would be to have the client send a table with

Job Names = Team Id

but there is probably a much better way.

What team() id = job name?

It works, you’re just dumb.

PLAYER:getDarkRPVar(“job”) returns the name of the team. e.g Citizen.

To get the name through the team id you can do team.GetName( PLAYER:Team() )

My mistake. The developer server was set to Sandbox.