Find Freshly Wiped Servers or Servers that rarely reset

Last week a few of you awesome people gave us the idea to allow server owners to input when they last wiped their server and have that be searchable.

We thought that was a pretty great idea, and implemented it. We have over 160 servers participating so far since we went live Wednesday, and it’s growing daily.

But we wanted to take it a step further: What if we also tracked when they might be wiping again? That would make a lot of players happier so they can plan accordingly. Aint nothing like building a base with some friends only to login the next day and not have anything. That sucks. Until now there really was no way to communicate that. Now you have a countdown on the server listing page (if they provide such data) that let’s you know when they will be wiping again.

On the server listing page it looks like this:

On the filter it looks like this:

But we are taking it even further than that. But that’s under-wraps until we can explore that further. I’ve personally been playing Rust a lot more lately and the ideas are just flowing in now.

See it in action:

That’s all for now. What do you think?

Have a great weekend. TGIF :slight_smile:

  1. If i know that a wipe will occur in X days i’ll feel like i’m waisting my time, i’ll simply wait untill it’s wiped again and play.

  2. Servers with no wipe will end up in one big mess. Laggy and people ruling the server, no chance to archieve anything (or super hard)

Or better yet find a way to update the game without losing everyone’s progress. <_< I realize this is an alpha but frequent updates causing wipes is the big reason I don’t play much MineCraft anymore. It’s pretty lame when you invest hundreds of hours into a build for nothing.

I agree. But it’s not a mandatory thing server owners are required to do at all. Both fields are completely optional. But I can definitely see an advantage for servers that wipe more frequently to gain a bigger playerbase because of this new filter option. If I’m just looking to start completely fresh, it’ll be nice to find new servers that are just starting out again to level the playing field.

And with alpha, this is useful. Maybe down the road as things get balanced more it won’t be as necessary.

That’s awesome!
I know we are at the point where we need to wipe.
We sometimes do 2 step wipes where we wipe buildings one day, and then players the next to give people some chance to save things.
We’ll probably do it this weekend or next week.

If server owners never wipe,they wont get any new players on server…I mean,who wants to join 1 month old server,where everyone has metal bases,full kevlar,tons of guns and c4 to raid you as soon as you make a base ?

Just saying,whoever is looking for new server to play on,wants to join freshly wiped server.

My current server hasn’t been wiped on over a month at this point and I love it. The only wipe I wouldn’t mind is the one that wipes homes and items, but if I unlearn all my shit I’ll bail.

On the vein of server wipes: I think it’d be cool to do like Arma2’s Life servers do where they reset the servers everyday (not saying that’s ideal for rust), but you can have like a vault to guarantee some of your stuff stays with you for the next time the server starts. This way you essentially keep things that are precious to you, but you have to be selective about it.

Or… better. In the vein of rust, let users set a loot sack down (limited inventory) somewhere on the map, hidden. And the risk is someone else can get to it first. And when you reset, everyone starts in different positions so they have to sort of hunt out their hiding location and items. That would be kinda cool.

While I can see where you’re coming from, I already loose enough of my stuff when I get raided lol I dunno if I want another mechanic like that…then again maybe I could find someones stuff first and win haha

See: there’s always that :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t like the whole global inventory system crap most games have, so I’d tone it down to where there is a risk in doing it. Ya know?

I own and admin [US EAST] BleedOUT | PvP | Vanilla | Active Admins | Wiped 2/25

We opened the server on 2/25, and have seen some really decent traffic so far (20 during the day, 50+ peak hours) We dont intend to wipe unless the developers come out with an update that forces us to. That being said, there are already some HUGE bases. Some people have gotten really creative, and I can only imagine what it will look like after a month without a wipe :slight_smile:

It’s not to bad really, as people get raided they move and with decay going so fast on wood, shit disappears into the nether rather quickly lol

In the last 4-5 months that I’ve been playing I’ve never seen a patch that forced a server wipe.
Many servers wipe when a patch hits just to increase their server population, I know forced-wipe patches have and will continue to happen but I haven’t seen any yet.

Personally I like servers that wipe every 2-3 weeks. One may see that as ‘wasting their time’ but if there are, say, 2-4 clans of people who play the server it can get really interesting. Think of it like a match. The match resets every 2-4 weeks allowing for a fresh start.

It’s kinda like how King Arthurs Gold 2 plays. There’s construction in the game and by the end of the game there’s a mess everywhere. The match resets and the game begins anew. I don’t see why people see this as ‘wasting their time’ when playing ANY GAME AT ALL is ‘wasting their time’. Play an MMO? Anything you get immediately gets outscaled next patch. Wasting yoru time. Play Battlefield? Matches reset approximately every 10-20 minutes. Wasting your time.

The only POSSIBLE case I can think of are the planetside games. In both, the match rarely, if ever, resets. But you are still just wasting your time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with this, I like the idea of scheduled wipes every couple weeks or every month or so.

It’s like a strategy game, you have to excel at the beginning as well as the end… I dunno, it might get old after a while but imo it’s better than just running around with everything at the tips of your fingers all the time.

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