Find no servers

I tested many of things but my Rust is sill not finding any server and i don´t know what to do now. Can somebody help me please. THX

This is from rustified, it helped me when barley any servers were showing up.

Why can’t I see any servers?

You’ve probably opted into the experimental beta program through steam. This causes your client version to update a lot more often than people who have not opted in. The server list only shows servers which are compatible with your version. Most servers stay compatible with the current main client version (not the beta version).

Here’s how to fix it:

Exit the game
In steam, go to your Library
Right click on Rust and select ‘properties’
Click the ‘betas’ tab on the properties window
Choose: NONE - Opt out of all betas
You should get prompted for another update and then be able to see servers again. If you still can’t, try the following steps.
Right click on Rust again and select ‘properties’’
Click the ‘Local Files’ tab and select ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache’
Restart Steam
As a last resort:

Right click on Rust again and select ‘delete local content’
Once deleted, right click and select ‘install game’
You should now be able to see some servers

doesn´t work.

Try giving us a better description. Did it work before or did you just buy the game?
How long have you had this problem and what were your attempts to fix it?

The only other thing I could think is opening ports. Rust server port is 28015, usually other required ports such as marketplace are around that range. Your router or firewall may block off this port.
Did you maybe acidentally not allow rust to connect or do something else and now this option is saved in your antivirus / firewall and won’t show up again?

WeeGeeTiem’s advice sounded more logical to me than a port problem. Are you sure you followed his instructions properly?

yes i have the problem since i bought the game 3 days ago and i made that port free. I tried with properties everything and over Rust client opening it doesn´t work.

Open just RustClient.exe in the Rust folder inside Steam. Do any servers appear?

Also, reboot your router if it hasn’t been restarted in the last 30 days.

ok i try that.