Finding a GSP with customers in mind.

Hi there, and I know it’s been asked a lot… but after the last patch & oxide patches there’s bound to be new information on what GSP is > than the other…
I’m currently an HFB customer, and I won’t be renewing our next month dues since HFB can’t communicate with their customers… Without falling into a rant, I’ve fallen into a week cycle of being left in the dark with new updates launching out, to being DDoS’ed last night through this morning… Learning all my information by 3rd Party Forums, and nothing from HFB themselves… Bad customer service IMO, but that’s not my place.

So, I’m sure there are GSP customers that think their GSP is the best – and I want to know why you feel so, more importantly what they offer…

Things I’m looking for…
*No brands - Don’t want their name on my server name
*Decent amount of hardware to run what we need.
*FTP Access
*Allows Mods
*Pushes updates from Mods in a timely manner
*Communicates with customer on down time (You know, when your IP has been null routed)

I have heard good things about … but that could all be false… Anyone have experience?

For my location there’s only two server providers


HFB gets ddosed a lot and has unannounced downtimes and has poor communication – also control panel is very slow when you actually need to use it, but when everything is running it’s good. They have limited FTP, a lot of files are hidden from you - you only have access to myserverdata/mod configs

BMRF was extremely fast to reply to e-mails and they’re personal messages instead of generic, however they seem to only sell servers to people they know or when they have enough open slots as you cannot order one now

I can’t speak for anything else, multiplay has a location near me but they don’t support FTP and I heard they control updates – plus you need to pay to remove branding >_>

I wish they’d hand out server files to companies like nuclearfallout etc… we have a small selection and it isn’t great

I agree with HFB… When they run good, they run great. But they show both of the lows. When they run poor, they run EXTREMELY poor. Which is too bad… Just as our server was gaining a mass of 50+ players during our peak time, our server goes down for 15+ hours…

I appreciate your response, thanks for taking the time… I’ll see if I can’t look into BMRF and see what they have to offer.