Finding angles for texturing

I’m trying to texture a few angled beams, problem is my texture isn’t going to line up nicely how I want it. I need an efficient way of finding angles on the screen.

I’ve tried a protractor image and that really isn’t working.

Texture the top faces and then alt-rightclick the sides, it’ll make the texture align, if you need to flip any faces you just have to type something like 90 or 180 in the rotation box.

Alright, thanks a bunch!

Keep stuff like this to the megathread, please.

Didn’t work for me. Could you explain more specifically?

Texture the top face, then with that face selected, hold alt and right click the side face, it’ll line up perfectly.

Why yes, I am working on Zinger.

That’s a damn sexy top view.

Yeah, the nature of the course design begs for triangles so I do my best to give it triangles.

Protip: basic trigonometry also solves this problem.