Finding code buddy :v

Just as the title I’m a newbie to Lua and GLua
That’s why I want to have a friend to like discuss and learn together
The person will maybe new as me or even newer
It’s all ok because we will learn, code and even make a project together at some point
We can play together too
Sorry for my bad English and thanks for reading the post
You can either reply here or PM me ^w^

It’s like half the community on here can’t read.

Maybe if you read you’d understand, I think it’s completely different - they are not looking for a coder to make something for them, they are asking if anyone that is new to coding wants to add them so they can bounce ideas and learn together - which is an excellent way to learn, and could be beneficial to both of them.

He needs a coder. He states that in his title. The thread says don’t post it here.
Where am I going wrong?

It’s like FlyPiggyBanks can’t read.

if you weren’t striving to be such an elaborate douchebag all the time, you would understand the context of his post.

feel free to add me youto, i can help you when i have some free time during the day.

It’s a sad time when you hope something is trolling, and not just that dumb.

He’s looking for someone to bounce off.

He say’s ‘Finding code buddy!’ - do you pay people to be your friend?.. actually… don’t answer that.

Too late, I do. :smug:

You couldn’t even pay people to like you.

I beg to differ…

You can shoot me a steam request. Depends on when you message me, but I’m typically free.

Not a newbie at it, but I can help out from time to time.

And you call that a friend?

i feel like getting 30 dumb ratings a day actually made u retarded

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Novangel))

No. His attitude to some of the beginners here are the reason why this community is going down hill though. Tokuko, I’m a new coder too. Tell me some of your interests as to what you want to create and some goals of yours and maybe we can be buddies. I’m known as Keosan, I got interested in coding so that i could create some ideas from different anime shows and to better my server. Some ideas include Fleija from CGR2 and making my own Admin System. Hobbies include drawing, coding, rollerblading and general gaming. Tu hables espanol? Reminds me of reddit with Artbuddies

This sub forum isn’t for “I need a friend” and giving your whole introduction. Go somewhere else. This subforum is for people who need help with Glua.

If you want a coding buddy go on script fodder and hire one or go on StackOverflow. This forum is specifically for people who need help with specific problems.

I really want to contribute in my normal fashion but I don’t think I can top the whole “striving to be such an elaborate douchebag” thing. :godzing:

You see you can’t be just any douchebag, if so then you’re just a normal douchebag.

You have to be an ELABORATE douchebag. That way you know your life isn’t worthles and you aren’t just a run of the mill douchebag.

Well, at least according to all these lovely people.

It’s clear no one likes you and everyone disagrees with you and you’re wrong. What point are you trying to prove? Just quit it.

FlyPiggyBanks just stop…

And you honestly wonder why you’re banned from the ScriptFodder forums.