Finding Coordinates for a map while ingame

Anyone know if theres a console command for it or something?

I think you mean getpos

Thank you sir yes I do.

Use wiremod:

Sorry but “Use wiremod” is the stupidest way to answer a question in the lua scripting forum. Wiremod is actually nothing but an overcomplicated interface for lua for people who can’t be bothered to do it the proper way.

The wire mod way only works for gm_construct to so that’s not much help since most servers don’t run that map.

lua_run_cl print( LocalPlayer():GetPos() )

cl_showpos 1

@ Gbps oh I agreed too, I just like showpos better. :wink:

lua_run_cl print( LocalPlayer():GetPos() )

[sp] Agreeing with fozor [/sp]

this is pointless I clearly win and your fail methods are no match for my Getpos

The funniest and saddest part is that he’s right. :ninja:

You’re wrong! If you spawn a player at getpos, it will be in the wrong position!

Will it? It might be! It could very well be getting the shoot position for all I know.

dam you!