Finding crude oil / using survey charges ?

I have trouble finding crude oil after an update and I could use some help so my questions are:

  1. How far apart should I drop survey charges? I tried every ~50m but it seems like I may be missing some spots. Is there some reliable data about it?
  2. Since the latest update oil is much more common in sand biomes, does this include sandy beaches ore just ‘deserts’? I dropped about 10 survey charges along sandy beach and only 2 produced anything at all (stone).
  3. Is it possible to find crude oil in the water?
  4. Is it possible at all to find oil in arctic region? How low is the possibility?

Bonus question: Is location of resources predetermined OR when you drop a survey charge it just ‘rolls dice’ to determine if there are resources there?


sometime, dropping survey charge as far as 5-10 m will produce different result. i dont have reliable data about it, the resolution of the “ressources” seems to be 3 to 10 meters, hard to tell.

to your bonus question, the ressource is supposed to be chosen by the location. However it is not consistent. For example, for a specic server seed=123456 (example), if you place a survey charge at a location on the server, each server with seed=123456 will have the exact ressource at that location. For example i started an offline server on my PC, used the same server seed as the official aserver, went to the same place and the survey charged gave the exact same ressource. BUT, sometime when you place the quarry, the game think its there and will give you the appropriate ressource. But sometime when the server is restarted, the quarry location seems to move slightly and the server recalculate that this quarry dont give metal anymore, for example. it happend to me more than once that a quarry would give metal when placed, but the next day after a server reboot it wouldnt give metal anymore. I’m just talking about a normal server restart, not the recent update which change the ressource locations.