Finding Dr. Breen

This gamemode took very little time to make and is very dirt simple. It’s 3 lua files.

Each player starts out with a crossbow loaded with one bolt. Use this shot wisely!

The objective is to find Dr. Breen and kill him before the timer runs out.

You can use pretty much any map for this except spacebuild maps; breen will hide himself somewhere in the map. RP maps can work quite well.

When you or another player kills him, that player wins a point for every other player that didn’t make it to him first.

If the timer runs out, everyone dies and the round restarts.

I recommend using some kind of map cycler with this but you don’t have to.

Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a fun little gamemode.

Can I please say that this very simple gamemode may in fact be better than DarkRP?

Entirely based on opinion, but nonetheless this gamemode will be fun to play :slight_smile: I scanned it for any exploits and I couldn’t seem to find any, so nice.

I’ll play this gamemode anyday! But isn’t there the risk of Breen spawning outside the map?

Breen likes to spawn in the skybox, please fix this!

Quite nice, only problem is. It doesn’t seem like you’ve set up any ways of preventing Breen from spawning in inaccessible areas, such as the skybox.

screenshots or video would be nice as well

I’ll see what I can do - but - although there is some basic intelligence in where Breen spawns, it is not possible to get it right every time because there is no way to detect whether he is in a skybox (etc).

Most of the time he can be found but sometimes he can not. If I can’t fix that I’ll call it a feature

I agree but I didn’t have time - or anyone to play it with at that moment :stuck_out_tongue:

are you accepting pull requests?

Yep - if you have something you want to include.