Finding Friends Suggestion

Whenever I play rust with a friend it is always impossible to find that friend. This is mainly due to the fact that the map does not have any obvious or standout landmarks, but this is not my complaint. I suggest that you should be able to friend certain players and mark them on your HUD, with their agreement. I have noticed from hours of game play that 90% of time I am playing is time spent trying to meet my friends on the map. I think it the game would be exponentially more enjoyable if you could meet up with friends quicker and in turn save you from hours of wasted time.

I Agree we should at least have a minimap?Maybe something to add on.But I’ve also spent hours attempting to find my friend.

The map DOES have obvious and stand-out landmarks.

Take the time to learn the map.

Also, thebacon made a great guide to find your friends.

No. This is a terrible idea. The game would not be the same , it’s not supposed to be easy.

How so?

He already answered that question. It’s not supposed to be easy. That’s why there’s no map or compass. Learn. Grow as a player. Learn the map, yourself, like the rest of us have.

It isnt suppose to be easy. What you gotta learn is to adapt to the map, there are many landmarks, and the sun could even show you where your position is.

I can see your point, but I think you should at least get a mini map. It’s really stupid to have a MULTIPLAYER game where it takes hours to find your friend and play with them. If you had a mini map or maybe even just a compass it would take hours of boring non fun gameplay and make it possible to have fun with your friends. The game itself it is already hard and fun, but pointless without friends. Unless you are a loner.

It’s not stupid at all.

Thousands of other players have figured it out just fine. It took me less than 2 days to memorize the map and figure out where I am just by looking around no matter where that is. By the way, those 2 days were fun as hell, you Negative Nancy.

Stop complaining, stop asking for features that will break this difficulty setting. Grow some hair on your scrote and learn to play like we have.

Besides, there are already maps made by players to help you.

Yes I understand it may sound good on paper to have a very hard survival where you have to use navigation skills and everything else. But in reality unless you can play the game 24/7 it is hard to just have a good time with friends.

Stop whining.

Well I’m not really sure how to respond, I could say the same thing to you also.

Sounds to me like you want the game to be easy mode like most others out there. This isn’t WoW… Try to think outside the box.

I’m not the one whining that the game’s too hard or too boring. If you don’t like it, stop playing.

I DON’T want the game to be easy I just don’t want to sit down for 2 hours straight and try to find friends, also how would being able to find friends make the game so much harder. If you really like to play the game hardcore there should be an option to disable the mini map or what ever. This was just a suggestion remember that. Seriously I love the game, I do, but I think if you just enable it and disable it, it would mean fun for all players. It’s not like you would be able to see other players and abuse it to hunt them down. Then who knows you may not like the map so you just disable it. It really would not give you an advantage, because the map would not show you resources or player built structures. It would just let you meet up with friends.

I guess you’d better stop wasting time whining on the forum and get to memorizing the map, then, huh.

I’m sorry I don’t waste my free time memorizing in game maps lol. It was just a suggestion to make the game more enjoyable for all.

It won’t make it more enjoyable for all. In fact, it would ruin gameplay for me and many others who don’t need to have our hand held to play a game.

Yes but you could disable it as I already said. Or maybe add a map and compass in as a craftable items.

If they added a map, I would stop playing. That’s the whole beauty of this game. Some of the best moments I’ve had is when I’ve finally made it back to that spot, after dying or being chased and then getting lost. You have to live off your wit and there is no maps to hold your hand and lead you wherever you want to go. A compass? You know the sun sets in the west and rises in the east right?

I am always baffled at this request for this game. It’s like test driving a convertible and then saying “Yeah, it’s nice, but I really think they should add a roof to it”.