Finding Half-Life 2 Official maps names

Is there any page on the Internet where there is a list of all the HL2 official maps with their respective names and screenshot? It’s that I reinstalled HL2 so much times I don’t want to get thru it all again just to see a certain map’s name in the console. I tried google with keywords like “HL2 official maps names” or “HL2 official maps” but didn’t find anything. Does anyone know where to find something like this?


Using GCFScape, open the HL2 .GCF file and go into hl2>maps.

There’s a list off all the HL2 maps in there.

You can usually find all of the maps on cheat websites.


Don’t know if that is all of them… I used google though… So I would suggest going to google first before coming here.

But how am I able to know which map is which without trying them in game?


You really can’t just do trial and error until you find the level you are close to or at. Unless you can find pictures for each level on the internet. All you can do is go in and do trial and error, it isn’t that hard.

Ok, thanks.

I just remembered I can just start Gmod and in the maps list there are the hl2 maps icons :v:


Do you know which part of the game it’s from? Because Valve gave each map a day prefix, coinciding with the day in which it took place in HL2.