Finding it hard to play this when gunfights lag so badly

i put hours into the boring part of this game (my opinion) farming building a massive base just so i can have awesome gunfights. but when it comes down to it, in gun fights i can see anything i lag so badly. it becomes a game of whoevers not in a lag spike wins and im trying every week to not care about it but its so soooo bad guys. when you play with 20 man groups raids of 40+ people (which is all our raids) half my group cant play because of the lag. Its honestly a joke.
i know you guys know it lags. but i dont know if you know how bad it is for us large clans. please focus on the lag. like cancel everything get the lag fixed and get back to it. i witnessed many people quit due to the lag.

“so what, you want the entire art team to stop everything while garry and the other programmers fix shit? great idea, that’ll fix things for sure.”

Welcome to alpha, shit’s broke. If you know the devs know about the problem, then everything else after that is entitled whining.

Go play something that is actually finished if you want reliable fun.

I can Completly understand you im one of those guys with lags im getting realy “pissed” if someone Comes with an bow your self got an Lovley AK-47 but than it Comes you got 20FPS normal but than It just say HELLO FUCKER welcome to 4FPS and you cant WIN a single fight and lose everything because some Arrow hits you in the head wile your fps let you stand in the Desert like and Little Baby :hammered:

It got to the point where if i turn around i get lagg spikes for 1-2 sec… im not even gonna talk about gunfights. I just send all my clan offline today when few got owned by 1 guy, it was so laggy that fcker was almost teleporting around. Ppl get so pissed off when some “noob” owns them cuz they can shoot at all…

Fixing this lagg should be first priority for this patch.

i have no such lag and i haven’t got anything special in terms of internet, so this would be hardware related, what are the specs of the PCs people getting this problem are running?

This is server side lagg that every 1 on amsterdam 2 has… It rolls u back laggs when turning , when shooting etc. Ive checked with my teammates who got beast pcs same shit. Even when turning all options to low we have it. Im pretty sure its only on official servers.

I too have noticed that the official servers have a lag spiking issue but to be fair official servers Ive been on are littered with burnt out bases to the point where you experience never ending rendering. Ive got a decent pc as well so I don’t think its the hardware, i7 4790k unlocked, asus h97m-e motherboard unlocked, 16 gb hyperx ram chips, gtx 760 unlocked edition.

Just stating specs for those that feel that it may be hardware related. The unlocked bit means that you get an interface that allows you to overclock your system with the click of a button or a slide on a slider.

Yeah the lag is real. I have a pretty nice pc running my Intel quad cpu OC @ 4.5GHz and a GTX 980 and during a fight with say 10-15 people or more at once (my clan and another) the lag is so bad it’s almost impossible. But I fixed this by turning the graphics down to low and running dx9 just for the big battles. Seems to work for me.

If this was true no one would be able to take advantage of it