Finding Jason

First non-mingey released comic I’ve made.

Yes I was too lazy to throw it into a comic format so sue me.
Also, any C&C with posing/editing would be appreciated. Can’t get better without knowing what I’m doing wrong.

Unfunniest comic of the year. Bravo.

Not an original idea; hence, a bit unfunny. This is just a personal qualm though, I suppose others wouldn’t mind the lack of originality.

The ninjas arm is also posed a bit weird. Also, as a personal suggestion, why not try to arch the ninjas back a little during the kick?

I will sue you, because posing problems and unfunniness aside, this is probably what killed it.

I did try to arch the back a bit but that model is ridiculously hard to pose. It’s like trying to pose string cheese into an action figure.
Also to add to me just being lazy about me not putting it into comic format, I’m having trouble finding a complete tutorial on how to do it. All the ones I’ve found have either been incomplete or just straight up missing.

Lol finally some old school shenanigans. have a funny

I’m glad somebody liked it. Humor is usually a strongsuit of mine but I guess not in this situation. Thanks for the comment.

Any other comments from anyone about posing/editing? Advice?

Great work, the only downside is Im not sure is with the translucent ninja, and the fact the glass should of smashed and landed on the other side of the window, due to physics.

I pretty sure hes trying to show that when he hit the glass HE broke into glass. cartoon style

Indeed I was. Like when a character tries to break off a ledge of a cliff to make another fall and instead the entire cliff falls.