Finding links

I recently saw one of my friends playing around with Gmod Space build and decided it was really cool, and I want to try it out myself.

Unfortunately I seem to be unable to find links, and since the search function is disabled on the forums I cannot find them that way.

Could someone from the community A) Link me to space build stuff and B) tell me what other things would be good to go with Space build i.e. Smart-Weld, smart-snap etc.

Here you are:

see here is the funny thing, when I did that it did not pull up that site. But thank you, that helps a lot.

Now for the recommended files…?

Here you are:

You know you are extremely helpful. You did not respond in a way that can even remotely be taken as being a jerk or sarcastic. I personally recommend you for a promotion at (whatever you do) for being so nice and not acting like I would expect a person on the internet to act like. Those links were very helpful. I would never have thought of using google! I guess in the future I should try to google things BEFORE I post on the forums and bother other people.