Finding local/client players entities

I was wondering how I could find the entities owned by the local player/client.

I assume I can use something like

ents.FindInBox( Vector boxMins, Vector boxMaxs )


ents.FindInSphere( Vector origin, number radius )

or maybe something like

ents.GetAll( )

and use something that only finds the player/clients props.

If you are wondering why I want to find the entities, it’s for a prop count UI

This is for DarkRP so this could maybe be used? (FPP Entity Owner)

local ENTITY = FindMetaTable("Entity")
function ENTITY:CPPIGetOwner()
        local Owner = FPP.entGetOwner(self)
        if not IsValid(Owner) or not Owner:IsPlayer() then return Owner, self.FPPOwnerID end
        return Owner, Owner:UniqueID()

Also this could be possibly helpful

self.FPPOwner = ply
self.FPPOwnerID = steamId

You might be able to grab the data tables for owning_ent? Not sure

local targetply = LocalPlayer():SteamID()

local ownedthings = 0

for k, v in pairs (ents.GetAll()) do
    if v.FPPOwnerID == targetply then
        ownedthings = ownedthings + 1


There’s also the GetCount function, but it’s been rather buggy when I played with it (adds or subtracts 1 to the actual total).

Thank you so much Lolcats!!