Finding Map Size

Sorry to repeat the question, but does anyone know how to get the size of the current map through lua?

What do you want to do with the map size?

[lua]map = “gm_construct”
size = file.Size("…/maps/" … map … “.bsp”)
megs = size/1000000
print(map … " is " … megs … “MB”)

why do i have dumbs

I think he means the dimensions of the current map.

I wish to find a random spot to place an NPC,

That’s probably not going to work well. It would be very likely that you place it inside a building, a prop, a player, or other bad things. You could find yourself an NPC sticking half into the ground.

I am trying to aim around that, but I can’t start on that end until I can find map size so I don’t attempt to place outside of the map




that helps to see if is in a valid place after a position has made, I need the size of map to work out how large, THEN use that

Derp, why did you make up a new function?