Finding owner of entity within FindInBox

How I know can I get that information? I am trying to make it so you can scrap props to a guy and have him only take YOUR props no anyone elses.

Here is the code. I am aware it doesn’t work but, a little pseudo code you can think of it as.

NOTE: I am aware there are no names in the FindInBox. I am trying to figure out how to get a name from an entity within a FindInBox.

local region = {
	Vector(-6509.801758, 12784.914063, -2199.851563),
	Vector(-7962.292969, 11248.929688, -2789.550049),
	Vector(-5192.968750, 3423.791992, -2217.968750),
	Vector(-4649.191406, 3108.755371, -2638.569092)

local pal = {}
pal = ents.FindInBox(region[3], region[4])

for i = 1, #pal do
	if pal:CPPIGetOwner() == "name whatever" then
	    //remove prop but cant find name of owner to make sure 

After running that I get this Entity


Been working on this for about 2 hours now and cannot find anything.

GetClass() returns it class,entities doesn’t have names

Follow up question. Is there any way to tell whos stuff is whos?

Just found Entity:GetCreationID(). Is there any way to impliment that on a per-person basis/ID who created said id?

In OnEntityCreated hook, add it creator inside a var