Finding playermodels

For a new rp I’ve been working on with my server we’ve hit a road block. We need military playermodels, but I’m not sure how to make them and there aren’t a lot of One idea I had was taking some of the playermodels from the Necropolis packs, but I’m not sure if it’s really ok with the people that made them.

So the real question is, would it be considered wrong taking playermodels out of the Necropolis packs and putting them into our server. I don’t plan on giving credit to myself for them or anything I just don’t know if its ok to take things like that.

Those are awesome military models.

Ask necropolis.

As a rep from NecRP, I can safely say that if you acknowledge us in some way (a small thread on forums or in a gamemode help menu), we’d be fine with it.

But no, we’d be pissed if you took it without asking

So would you like me to ask for permission on your forums? I’m a little confused with your answer.

Nevermind - go for it, as long as you don’t claim them as your own

I don’t think they’ll be releasing it, the owner is pretty stingy with his shit.

See? Most people will say yes if you ask, but if you take it without asking, destroys your reputation, and they make you take it off.

The moral of this story children, is …

** Always. Ask. Permission. **



Considering they have downloadable packs…I’d say it’s released.

You still need permission to use it.