Finding Team-Mates

On the further uppdates, Will it be some kind og Buddyspawn? or like a map where you can see your buddies?
cause i’ve been playin 2.5 hours and still haven’t found my budds yet :
I’ve been reading all over the Rust site and i didnt find any info, So i just tough i migh aswell post it here.

If you dont know any landmarks then just head for the road. You will then bump into each other. Just dont both run thr same direction lol

I remember it being annoying when I first started but u get to know places.

Best thing you can do as a starter is look where you are from the biggest mountain, then ask your friends and made take a picture and send to them…

You’ll get to know the map like your own hometown after 40 hours with this game.

You can also search up the rust map on their wiki.