Finding the separate model/texture files for props

I downloaded a weapon props addon and unpacked it, but finding the textures that match up to the guns models is taking quite some time. There’re multiple ones that I haven’t even found in the folders, so I’m wondering if there’s a way to check where the different files are listed for each prop. I need the .mdl and .vtf directories. Help is very appreciated.

(The reason is that I want to upload the models to a server to use with PAC, and for that I need to have these files separate. None of the files are appropiately named when unpacked either.)

Download Extended Spawnmenu by rubat. It’ll allow you to find models, materials and sounds even if they don’t have a category. Once you find it, you can right click it and select Copy to Clipboard. Then paste that somewhere, and you got the model location.

You can also download Easy Entity Isnpector (also by rubat :P). It will show you all the submaterials used in a model (among other things).

If you don’t want to use the tool above, you can find the model in its folder, and open it with a Hex editor. The last lines shows the location where the model looks for materials. Thats what you’re looking for, I guess.

If you can’t find some materials, it may be because the model uses some default ones, or materials from other games like CSS.

Thanks for the quick response, works perfectly.